File NameOverviewVersionRelease DateDownload
Access Guard 1.00.01.[1.00.02] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadAccess_Guard
Access Guard module

  • Access Guard is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your NAS. It either allows or denies specific IP or MAC  addresses to filter who is accessing your data.

Note: The Firmware requires v2.02.00 or above to work this module.

v1.00.02 2012-05-09 Thecus DownloadAccess Guard Module
Aria 2 v1.01.00.[1.28.0] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadAria 2
Aria 2 module v1.00.01.[1.19.2] 2013-11-27 Thecus DownloadAria 2 module
Dashboard Module

Dashboard Module: Install this in your NAS for full access to all the features of the Thecus Dashboard for iPhone.

v2.0 2011-07-12 Thecus DownloadDashboard Module
Dropbox v1.00.02.[18.4.32] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadDropbox
Dropbox module

  • The Firmware requires v2.01.00 or above to work this module. 

v1.00.01 2016-05-17 Thecus DownloadDropbox module user guide
Thecus DownloadDropbox module
ElephantDrive module

  • Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.00 or above to work this module.

v1.00.00.[] 2015-11-27 Thecus DownloadElephantDrive module
Thecus DownloadElephantDrive user guide
ElephantDrive module 1.00.01.[] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadElephantDrive module
HomeMedia v3.02.03.[KODI_16.1_Jarvis] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadHomeMedia
IP CAM module

For the latest IP CAM compatibility list, please refer to the link below:

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v2.00.02 2012-02-01 Thecus DownloadIP CAM module
Thecus DownloadIP CAM user guide
Local Display module

Enable HDMI output function on your NAS! After installing this module, the NAS will be manageable through a monitor plugged in the HDMI port. To control the NAS, directly use a USB keyboard and mouse. Firefox is already embedded inside the package, so you can start browsing the web and enjoy HD videos on streaming.


  • Upgrade the graph driver.

The Firmware requires v2.05.07 or above to work this module.

v3.01.00 2015-10-28 Thecus DownloadLocal Display module
LocalDisplay v3.02.10 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadLocalDisplay
Mail server module

1. For N12000/N16000 firmware v1.00.10 or above
2. For N8900 firmware v2.00.01 or above

v2.00.02 2011-08-19 Thecus DownloadMail server module

This is a simple video survelliance module, it support ip cam and usb cam.

v1.00.03.[0.28.3_3.4.0] 2015-12-11 Thecus DownloadmotionEye
motionEye v1.00.08.[0.33.4_3.4.1] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadmotionEye
MySQL module v1.0.2 2011-07-12 Thecus DownloadMySQL module
NZB Get v1.00.01.[17.1] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadNZB Get
Piczza! module

Note: The Firmware requires v2.01.06 or above to work this module.

v1.00.04 2012-05-09 Thecus DownloadPiczza! module
Plex v1.1.4.2757-24ffd60 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadPlex
Plex Media Server

The Plex Media Server is both the heart and brains for any digital media system. The free server is a module available on the Thecus® App Center that allows you to set up and manage your media. With the Plex Media Server installed on your Thecus® NAS, various devices on your network (such as your Xbox 360 and mobile devices) can connect to and stream your local and online media.

v0. 2014-05-15 Thecus DownloadPlex Media Server
Raid Replication Module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v2.00.03 2012-02-01 Thecus DownloadRaid Replication Module
Rsync backup module v1.0.5 2011-07-12 Thecus DownloadRsync backup module
Syncthing 1.00.01 2016-05-17 Thecus DownloadSyncthing
Transmission (BT Client) Module v1.00.02.[2.92.0] 2017-02-09 Thecus Downloadtransmission
USB & eSATA schedule backup module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v1.00.03 2012-02-01 Thecus DownloadUSB & eSATA schedule backup module
Thecus DownloadUser guide
vlc v3.00.02.[2.2.4] 2017-02-09 Thecus Downloadvlc
VLC module v1.00.05 2013-11-27 Thecus DownloadVLC module
Web Server module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v1.00.06 2014-07-11 Thecus DownloadWeb Server module
Thecus DownloadWeb Server User Guide
WebDisk module

Note: The Firmware requires v2.01.06 or above to work this module.

v2.00.05 2013-11-27 Thecus DownloadWebDisk module
webserver v1.00.08.[2.4.20_7.0.5_5.5.49] 2017-02-09 Thecus Downloadwebserver

Release note:

  •  Upgrade XBMC to KODI v15.1


Need Local Display above v3.01.00.

To download, follow this link: Local Display v3.01.00

v15.1 2015-10-28 Thecus DownloadXBMC/KODI v15.1