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Access Guard module

  • Access Guard is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your NAS. It either allows or denies specific IP or MAC  addresses to filter who is accessing your data.

Note: The Firmware requires v2.02.00 or above to work this module.

v1.00.02 2012-05-09 Thecus DownloadAccess Guard Module
Aria 2 module v1.00.01.[1.19.2] 2013-11-27 Thecus DownloadAria 2 module
Dashboard Module

Dashboard Module: Install this in your NAS for full access to all the features of the Thecus Dashboard for iPhone.

v2.0 2011-07-12 Thecus DownloadDashboard Module
Dropbox module

  • The Firmware requires v2.01.00 or above to work this module. 

v1.00.01 2016-05-17 Thecus DownloadDropbox module user guide
Thecus DownloadDropbox module
ElephantDrive module

  • Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.00 or above to work this module.

v1.00.00.[] 2015-11-27 Thecus DownloadElephantDrive module
Thecus DownloadElephantDrive user guide
IP CAM module

For the latest IP CAM compatibility list, please refer to the link below:

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v2.00.02 2012-02-01 Thecus DownloadIP CAM module
Thecus DownloadIP CAM user guide
Local Display module

Enable HDMI output function on your NAS! After installing this module, the NAS will be manageable through a monitor plugged in the HDMI port. To control the NAS, directly use a USB keyboard and mouse. Firefox is already embedded inside the package, so you can start browsing the web and enjoy HD videos on streaming.

For third party modules, go to: http://forum.thecus.com/viewforum.php?f=36

Note: The Firmware requires v2.03.08 or above to work this module.

Upgrade JAVA version to jdk1.7.0.55.
Support NVR v5.03.03.[4.4.8-158677].

v1.00.03 2014-06-26 Thecus DownloadLocal Display module
Mail server module

1. For N12000/N16000 firmware v1.00.10 or above
2. For N8900 firmware v2.00.01 or above

v2.00.02 2011-08-19 Thecus DownloadMail server module
MySQL module v1.0.2 2011-07-12 Thecus DownloadMySQL module
NZB Get v1.00.01.[17.1] 2017-02-09 Thecus DownloadNZB Get
Piczza! module

Note: The Firmware requires v2.01.06 or above to work this module.

v1.00.04 2012-05-09 Thecus DownloadPiczza! module
Plex Media Server

The Plex Media Server is both the heart and brains for any digital media system. The free server is a module available on the Thecus® App Center that allows you to set up and manage your media. With the Plex Media Server installed on your Thecus® NAS, various devices on your network (such as your Xbox 360 and mobile devices) can connect to and stream your local and online media.

v0. 2014-05-15 Thecus DownloadPlex Media Server
Raid Replication Module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v2.00.03 2012-02-01 Thecus DownloadRaid Replication Module
Rsync backup module v1.0.5 2011-07-12 Thecus DownloadRsync backup module
Syncthing 1.00.01 2016-05-17 Thecus DownloadSyncthing
Transmission (BT Client) Module v1.00.02.[2.92.0] 2017-02-09 Thecus Downloadtransmission
Twonky media server module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.00 or above to work this module.

v1.00.02[7.0.11] 2012-12-19 Thecus DownloadTwonky media server module
USB & eSATA schedule backup module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v1.00.03 2012-02-01 Thecus DownloadUSB & eSATA schedule backup module
Thecus DownloadUser guide
VirusScan module (McAfee Antivirus )

VirusScan, otherwise known as McAfee Antivirus is the best safeguard measure to detect and prevent virus attacks. With VirusScan, users can rest assure that their vital data is protected with advanced features to eliminate possible threats.

Main Features

  • Removal of viruses, worms, and other malicious code
  • Reliable and accurate detection, without a costly false-alarm problem
  • Effective scanning of compressed, archived, and packed files
  • Scan engine SDK for easy integration into third-party applications

v1.00.00 2016-05-17 Thecus DownloadVirusScan module
VLC module v1.00.05 2013-11-27 Thecus DownloadVLC module
Web Server module

Note: The Firmware requires v1.00.10 or above to work this module.

v1.00.06 2014-07-11 Thecus DownloadWeb Server module
Thecus DownloadWeb Server User Guide
WebDisk module

Note: The Firmware requires v2.01.06 or above to work this module.

v2.00.05 2013-11-27 Thecus DownloadWebDisk module