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Thecus X64 models Firmware

[Release Note]
As below:
[New Features/Changes]

  1. Force disabled the SMB1 & configured SMB2 as default for SAMBA security concern.
    System force disable SMB1, if your client devices unsupported SMB2 would re-enable the SMB1, you may re-enable from NAS ADMIN WEB page: HOME -> NETWORK SERVICE -> SAMBA/CIFS -> SMB Min Protocol -> LANMAN1.
  2. CVE-2017-7494.
  3. Improve system thermal & FAN control.
  4. Improve BTRFS folder quota function.
  5. Improve TTY1 login timed out.
  6. Improve internal dmesg about preallocate message.
[Bug Fixes]
  1. -

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