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NAS BIOS Update (for attached N8900 / N12000V / N12000PRO / N16000V / N16000PRO)

[Release Notes]

  • NAS BIOS Update (beta)

[New Features/Changes]

  • Improve compatibility with certain LSI SAS 9200 8E cards that can't boot with NAS.

[Bug Fixes]

[Known Issues]

  • Can't reboot (warm boot) with Emulex OCe10102-NX

*An additional LSI SAS 9200-8e HBA card is required. This must be installed on your Thecus NAS in order to Daisy-Chain it with your D16000.

Please note that the LSI SAS 9200-8e HBA card is only necessary when connecting the first D16000 to your host Thecus NAS. For the second, third, and fourth D16000, the HBA card is not required.

T40 2014-01-27 Thecus DownloadBeta BIOS