Data Security

Home users often store private data such as family photos and personal documents on their devices. Given the risk posed by viruses on machines as interconnected as NAS, it is wise to ensure your data’s safety. Thecus therefore provides the trusted antivirus, McAfee, free to all users. Adding their antivirus program to an already impressive software suite is a reflection of our commitment to providing users with a comprehensive security solution.
Secure File Transmission: SFTP/HTTPS/SSL
The above protocols are all implemented in Thecus NAS so as to ensure that your data is transferred securely: Secure FTP is the more advanced replacement of file transfer protocol (FTP), Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP) is designed to help transmit data privately over the World Wide Web, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol which also helps guarantee secure online communications.
AES 256-bit Encryption
The Thecus AES 256bit RAID Volume Encryption feature allows users to encrypt RAID volumes on their NAS with a writable USB disk. Once a RAID volume has been encrypted, no one will be able to access it to retrieve data or modify settings without the USB disk containing the encrypted key. As a result, users’ data will be 100% secure - even if someone steals their hard drives or even the entire NAS server.